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Ten Fabulous reasons to have a Marquee Wedding

Beating the Budget

With exclusive hire of a wedding venue running into tens of thousands of pounds, a Marquee can offer you that same exclusivity for a fraction, if any cost!! You can choose your location, caterers, theming or not all without the restriction of exclusive in house suppliers!

Sunshine and Scenery

There’s nothing more wonderful than a fantastic view on a sunny day. The idea of being outdoors is tempting and wonderful, but the weather often has other ideas. A Marquee can give you the best of both worlds, with the sides open fully you can have the outdoor wedding you always wanted but without the worry of the rain.

Location and Setting

All you really need for a marquee is space, you can tailor the rest. Your parents or friends may have a fantastic garden. You may want to be near the beach or have the use of a field or other space that has sentimental value – essentially though, if you have permission to use the space – that’s all you need!!


They say size isn’t everything, when it comes to weddings it can be. You may have an enormous number of friends or family that you want to share your day with that makes using a building or hall impossible, or you may be small and intimate but don’t want to be confined to small libraries or meeting room style locations. A marquee can be added to, and added to and added to. Go as large as you need!! Equally, can be small and elegant but still leave you room to enjoy your special day

Your hearts desire

Following on from size, with a marquee you can go wild in the aisle or simple and understated. With no restrictions on theming, you really can tailor your day to exactly what you both want

Spaces for exactly what you want

If you want one big space for the day, great. If you dreamed of a day with different spaces for casino tables, dancing ,eating or chilling out, also great. A marquee can be configured exactly as you wish with room dividers or annexes added to make sure you get the exact space you want. Traditional or Tipi style – its up to you

Food – Yum Yum

Everyone loves to eat well, full tummies mean happy guests. With a marquee you can decide to have a BBQ or a Banquet AND you got to choose who supplies that delicious feast. With so many caterers to choose from, you can make sure you get what you want at a price you like

Not forgetting drink

Like caterers a marquee is highly unlikely to attract corkage meaning you will be able to bring your own section of alcohol. This is fantastic as you can pair a hog roast with Dom Perignon or a Cordon Bleu dinner with the best scrumpy – the choice is yours.

Complete control over the day YOU want

Using a marquee means you can have the day you always wanted. You can control what suppliers you use for everything already mentioned as well as florists, entertainment, balloons, fireworks, lighting, the list is endless. Traditional, dramatic whatever, its your day and without the restrictions a fixed venue can present, you really can make your day unique to you.

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